Intercultural Empowerment Network for Scholastic Women

Diskussion mit Bridget Fonkeu


Vortrag & Lesung


Diese Veranstaltung ist bereits vorbei!


Bridget Fonkeu, a researcher of sociolinguistics and Consultant at the Silent University Ruhr, would like to encourage migrant women with academic qualifications and other competencies, to pursue their career aspirations despite existing social and cultural obstacles. Beginning from the 26.11.16, 12-15 a.m. she will organize a discussion group for women at the dezentrale in the Mülheim city center. This meetings will take place in a relaxed atmosphere and child care services will be provided for mothers who might like to bring their children along. The discussion will take place twice a month. The next meetings are scheduled for the 14.01. 17 & 28.01.17 respectively.


Leineweberstr. 15–17
45468 Mülheim

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