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Perhaps the most prolific pianist of the millennium, Marc Copland has recorded some 30 CDs as a leader during the last fifteen years. – From 2004 to 2012, he recorded exclusively with Pirouet records. The beautiful trio CD “Some Love Songs” (Drew Gress and Jochen Rueckert) was followed by the acclaimed “New York Trio Series,” which solidified his position as an innovator on his instrument. – Volume III of the series, “Night Whispers,” was hailed by Down Beat as “the strongest top to bottom and most poetic album I’ve heard in a while,” and in a later issue was listed as one of the best CDs of the decade. More followed: another solo CD, “Alone”, a duet CD with longtime partner Gary Peacock; the all-star quintet Contact’s “Five on One” a reunion with partner Greg Osby in quartet with Doug Weiss and Victor Lewis (“Crosstalk”) a duo recording with his longtime partner Abercrombie (“Speak to Me”) and finally, Copland returned to the trio format with Drew Gress and Jochen Rueckert in “Some More Love Songs.” His recordings from 2000 to 2004 had brought him to a wider audience, including the breakout trio disc “Haunted Heart” and two beautiful solo excursions, “Poetic Motion” (Sketch) and “Time Within Time” (Hatology). In both CDs poetry, instead of ordinary liner notes, accompanied the music. – Since 2013 Copland has concentrated on two projects, both for ECM records: as a member of the Abercrombie quartet (“39 Steps”), and as a member of the trio “Now This,” with Gary Peacock and Joey Baron.


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